How tight you wear the bracelet is based on personal preference. It is an elastic material to stretch over your hand. Some people like to wear it loose and able to move, some like it to fit snugly and not move during sports. Measure around your wrist using a piece of string or tape measure then purchase the closest size to your actual wrist size. If you like a loose fit, select the next larger size than the actual measurement.

Our Colan Totte® wristband products are made out of high quality materials, in some cases these are titanium so they don't stretch like our Trion:Z products. Please take this into consideration when choosing a size.


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* NOTE: Size is measured around the knee. Due to the fact that size of thighs and knee joint shape may vary, there may be some slippage occurring when using the support during exercise or over long periods of time, therefore there may need to be some adjustment required during use to ensure correct fit and comfort. We have avoided silicone gripper bands as they do cause skin discomfort and irritation.

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