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Killing it with your workout routine is not always the answer to get fit. Learn more about how switching to softcore, full body workouts can lead to awesome results. #healthybody #fitfam #fitlife #wellbeing

Enhance your well being with our latest addition of the Colantotte TAO range, the TAO LOOP LEONE. Available in neutral colors such as black, brown and camel it's perfect for both male and females. Learn more about it #magnetictherapy #magneticbracelet

New research is helping to explain why being "thin" doesn't necessarily mean "healthy".

Are you familiar with our body's electrical balance? Take a look at our video the learn more about the effects of positive and negative ions on our bodies. #magnetictherapy #magneticbracelet

Did you take the decision to switch to a healthy lifestyle? Congrats, that is a huge step by itself, but keeping the goal alive gets a little harder day by day when we don't see the results immediately. Here are 5 easy tips to keep you going.

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