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While previous studies have linked happiness or positive emotions with a range of better health outcomes, the evidence on how happiness affects longevity has been inconclusive. Read more here:

Tight calves? Here's a great release for them.

Thinking about buying Colantotte Loop Crest Premium - M, PREMIUM GOLD? Read our latest review of the product by Greg N. via @yotpo

If you're working on your core strength, are you making these mistakes in your plank? #HealthyLiving #Workout

Take a look at my latest gear review for @golfshake of the @trionzofficial Loop Duo Wristband

The Trion:Z Colour Palette comes with two 1,000 gauss magnet capsules with patented ANSPO technology to maximise the magnetic field flow and improve blood circulation.

Whether it's cutting down on junk food or increasing exercise levels, Boomers are constantly told they need to do more to improve their overall health.

The international medical journal The Lancet published a study showing that any level of alcohol consumption, regardless of the amount, leads to loss of healthy life.

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